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Surfing’s bad-boy kicked off tour

Rebellious American Bobby Martinez threatened to gate-crash Kelly Slater’s next heat despite being disqualified from the Quiksilver Pro New York for an expletive-laden outburst against the Association of Surfing Professionals.


Martinez, a four-time winner on tour and a past member of the world’s top five, was interviewed for the event’s live broadcast after defeating Australia’s Bede Durbidge in round two.

And Martinez, who was due to face world No.1 Kelly Slater in the third round, was unable to resist having his say with the ASP kicking him out after his explosive outburst.

“I don’t care, man, I’m over it,” the American told AAP after his professional career was terminated because of the disqualification.

“I don’t want to be around this tour no more. It’s a relief, f*** yeah. I’ll take my jersey and go out there and surf against Kelly anyway. They ain’t stopping me. Because of what I said, they can’t kick me out. Freedom of speech, man.

“The ASP don’t even want a guy who works with them to take a photo with me. They said they would sack him. I’ve been hanging with this tour for a while and not really caring for it.

“Now everyone knows how I feel. Freedom of speech, man, aren’t I allowed to say what I think? I can say whatever I want. I’m surfing against Kelly. I’ve qualified for that heat.”

Martinez was a volcano waiting, and wanting, to erupt. He was about to be kicked off the tour anyway. The ASP’s new rankings system means any surfer outside the top 32 after the New York contest will fail to re-qualify for the rest of the year. The best of the rest on the second-string WQS will be elevated.


All Martinez needed was one victory to send him into a mandatory interview to a live webcast boasting hundreds of thousands of viewers across the globe. Having beaten Durbidge, he was grinning before the interview started.

Afterwards, one minute and seven seconds later, he doubled over with laughter. In the meantime, Martinez had pleased his post-tour sponsor no end. That sponsor is FTW, the initials standing for exactly what you imagine, another F-Bomb involved.

“First of all, and I’d like to say the ASP are going to fine me because I don’t want to be part of this f***ing dump wannabe tennis tour,” Martinez said in the live broadcast.

“All these pro surfers who want to be tennis players, who want a halfway cut-off – how the f*** is somebody who isn’t even competing against our calibre of surfers ahead of us on the one world ratings?

“They’ve never been here, they’ve never made (sic) the right to surf against us, but now we’re ranked upon (sic) them. Come on, now. Bullshit. That’s why I ain’t going to these stupid contests no more.

“I tell it like it is. This is my last one. I don’t like tennis. I don’t like the tour. Too many surfers are, ‘Oh, I just went and saw Nadal play the other day.’ Who gives a f***? You know what I mean? I love this city but if it wasn’t for my sponsor I wouldn’t be at this dumb contest,” Martinez said.

“F***ing ASP, they ain’t – surfing’s going down the drain thanks to these guys.”

Martinez was supposed to face Slater in round three. Durbidge’s request to be reinstated to the draw was rejected, giving Slater a saloon passage into round four. Time would tell if Martinez went through with his plans to make a nuisance of himself. Sanity was

likely to prevail.

The ASP notified Martinez of his disqualification in writing.

“You are suspended from the ASP World Tour IMMEDIATELY,” an email sent to Martinez said.

In the water, Australia’s world title contenders Mick Fanning, Owen Wright and Taj Burrow all posted wins.